Louise Cassell asks...."Who Says We Don't Have Fun?"


Hello Bing Jobs Blog readers! I’m Louise Cassell, a new contributor to Bing Jobs blog, who recently joined the Online Services Division after nearly five years as a Staffing Consultant with Windows Phone. It’s been an exciting and eye-open past few months as I’ve learned more about our business, the exciting projects on the horizon and the talent we’ll need to help us bring those projects from idea to real products and services on smartphones around the world. We are truly at an inflection point along with our industry and are poised to change the way people think about and interact with handheld devices.

As many of you may already know, Microsoft was just named the number one global workplace by the Great Places to Work Institute. Having just celebrated my 5 year anniversary with Microsoft I couldn’t agree more. One of the many reasons I am personally grateful to have an opportunity to work at Microsoft is the fun and collaborative work environment. Yes…even HR has fun at Microsoft!

In fact, there is a secret-society of merrymakers in Microsoft HR who go by the name “The Pink Flamingos” – no one knows who they are, only that they strike with no warning leaving their target with a plastic pink flamingo as a calling card confirming they have been “prank’d.” I first witnessed the work of The Pink Flamingos earlier this year during an “all-hands” meeting for a portion of Microsoft’s HR organization. As our leader addressed the audience he was interrupted by a group serenading him with an a cappella version of a song, the name of which currently escapes me. This was clearly not a staged performance based on the response from our leader who was as surprised (shocked?) as those of us in the crowd by the impromptu concert. Once the song was over, the singers presented him with a large, lawn ornament-style pink flamingo confirming he (we?) had been prank’d and went off on their merry way.

Since then, The Pink Flamingos have continued their exploits by redecorating offices and customizing “rides” in the parking garage with their signature pink balloons, crepe paper streamers, and of course the unmistakable plastic pink flamingo. So it was a bit of a surprise to return from a recruiting trip a couple of weeks back to find that I, or more specifically my office, had been the the “victim” of the most recent activity tied to The Pink Flamingos. You can see from the photo that they are thorough, making sure that their presence is unmistakable.

So for those who have always thought Microsoft was too big or too corporate to have fun…I share proof that my experience has been neither, and that Microsoft can be a great place to grow a career and challenge one’s self in ways you never thought possible. Is it time for you to consider working (and having fun!) at the number one global workplace as well?