Meet Mira: UX Lead with Bing

My name is Mira and I’m a UX lead. I drive the prototyping and UX PM effort within the Design team on Bing.  My team of developers and PMs help validate design and concepts through working prototypes. We also drive UX thinking on framework features across the Bing experience.

I’ve worked at Bing for 5 years (previously as Live Search) and have seen it evolve from a pure relevance-focused organization to one that recognizes great user experience as critical to our success. I run the experience development, design PM and prototyping team within Design. For someone that believes in building simple, beautiful, consumer experiences, working in Bing Design is pretty much my ideal job. Seeing Bing evolve over the years is kind of like watching your baby grow up. We’re a little more disciplined now, have learned a ton, and have gained many fans. Yet we still have a ways to go and that’s what excites me about my job. It’s incredibly rewarding to work on a product still in its infancy – the opportunity to impact our experience is huge.


Working alongside creative and talented individuals brings out the best in me. It keeps me challenged and learning new things which is always a good thing.   


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