Want to Change the World? Want to Make the Web a Better Place? by Kay Kelison

Microsoft Bing is hiring the next innovator! We are heading to Dublin, Ireland to interview the best engineers from all over Europe for this quest! Will you be the LUCKY one?

Have you ever considered relocating to the U.S.? Have you ever dreamed about completely revolutionizing the way the world interacts with the internet? Engineers at Bing aim for nothing less than to solve the biggest challenges in computing related to social, local, relevance, computer vision, machine learning, semantic discovery, R&D, data mining and NLP and have the best resources in the world available to them. Have you ever thought about working at Microsoft? If so, then we have some career opportunities that will interest you.

We’ll be visiting Dublin, Ireland May 4th to 6th 2012 AND May 8th to 10th for a recruiting event with some of the senior development directors and managers on the Bing Development Team and I’d love to know whether you’re interested in learning more about career opportunities with Bing in the United States at our corporate HQ in Redmond WA, OR if you can offer me any assistance connecting with others in the European software industry. Our intent at this recruiting event will be to interview highly skilled developers from Europe for U.S. based positions on the Microsoft Bing Development Team. If you’d like to learn more OR if you know anyone else who might, please email me as soon as possible at kaykel@microsoft.com