Finding the Perfect Match - by Katherine Stern

While staring at the words of my dating profile: Hello, my name is Katherine, I am 5’8″, and have brown hair and eyes and I like golf, tennis and long walks on the beach…I got to thinking, wow, this is really similar to recruiting.  So, for the fun of it, I thought I would compare the similarities.  These are my findings!

Your resume is your online profile.  It tells a recruiter everything we need know about you.  Where you are from, what you do for a living, what your background is, how long you have been in a relationship (at your current employer).  We are going to look you up and down and determine if you are “the one.”  What do we have in common? Do you meet all the criteria I am looking for?  And, if not, is that going to be a deal breaker.  If I like what I see, maybe I will put you in my favorite’s category, take the leap and send you an email.  In that email I would include my profile (job description), tell you a little about what I am looking for and see if you are available and interested in pursuing this further.  My heart flutters as I open your response.  Will it be a yes or no?  I get a little giddy as I see that you are interested in learning more about me too!  Maybe after some email exchange, we determine that there is enough mutual interest and we want to take it to the next level. 

From here the path to happiness could look a little something like this:

We talk on the phone and get to know each other a little better (phone screen).  If, after the call we are both feeling warm and fuzzy we might look at exploring the relationship further.  I’d tell all my friends (hiring managers) about you, what you were like and see what they think about you.  Maybe my friends want to meet or talk with you.  I know a little out there for the dating world, but for recruiting, a more in depth technical conversation is a good way for us to feel each other out more and see if we really could be a match made in heaven.  If my friends approve then it is that dreaded time in the relationship to meet the parents.  Or in this case, throw you to the fire and meet the family (interview).  After the big day, my family will let me know what they thought about you, what they liked, are you a good fit, will we be happy together?  If the family agrees then trumpets sound, bells will ring and the proposal (offer) will be given.  We all hope for a resounding YES!, but we all know that the dreaded “I need more time to think about it” could be the next words spoken.  However, once we get the yes, cartwheels are flipped, fireworks explode and we will hopefully live happily ever after.


The end!


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