Class. Humility. Hustle.

As we watch the NFL playoffs, we’re witnessing some pretty good football. The playoffs are filled with rookies , injuries, and physicality you don’t really see in the regular season.

What I  have enjoyed the most this season? Watching Russell Wilson (at the ripe old age of 24) play football. Specifically how he in his rookie year, showed serious maturity and calmness both on and off the field, the immediate ingestion and application of skill, and how he never let his role isolate or limit him or his physical ability.

Hustle – Russell doesn’t let the title ‘Quarterback’ limit his role in plays, control the way he acts on the field, nor let the title limit what he can do for the team.  Wilson’s physicality in running his own first downs or getting forward movement himself shows his hustle– he hustles and hustles hard running to make plays and is an example for his team as to the lengths he will go to put the ball forward.  The energy, drive, and determination behind his will to win is fascinating. Have you lost your hustle at work?

Humility – Today’s game against the Redskins is a great example. If you watched today, you saw him hand off to Marshawn Lynch – Wilson then ran with his teammate and uncharacteristically went to block for Lynch in essence removing obstacles so Lynch could score.  We all know most QB’s would never do this nor would they usually have the physicality to actually make this work.  I sometimes do double takes as I can’t quite compute the fact that Wilson is where he is on the field. I wonder how much more we could do if we didn’t think “that is not in my job description” – how much we can help “down the field” so that our team can score.

Class – don’t slap your opponent in the face after the game is over….enough said.

I’m motivated for this week at work to see what I can do differently – anything to make our team win……and amped for our game next week. Go Hawks!!