Land An Interview For Your Dream Job By Your Mobile Resume. – By Kay Kelison

With today’s mobile space, employers are creating mobile websites to allow professionals to be notified when the right job comes along. Imagine you have signed up to receive a notification about an opportunity that you’d like to apply for, but you don’t have access to your resume. Or you might be one of those who will wait to get home to your computer to send it. Or maybe you might even forget to apply or be too late because of the type a day you are having. However, if you had a mobile app that could create a mobile resume that could be submitted via mobile no matter where you are, this would give you another edge over others in your job search. Below I have given some instructions on how to create a resume, and some of the apps with iPhone, Android, and Windows.

Suggested Steps

  • Choose a mobile app that allows you to create a resume. These mobile applications should allow you to access your resume from your mobile device. It’s important that the app should allow you to create and share your resume with potential employers.
  • Create an account through the apps websites. These apps allow you to upload or create your resume online or mobile. You can then use resume as a doc to upload to an employer’s website. You can also create a Word doc on your computer, save it in a PDF file, download a PDF reader which will allow you to open your resume in a PDF, and send it via email, etc. Pretty cool.
  • Be sure to enter your relevant information into a mobile application of your choice from your mobile device. A popular application is Resume Bear ( for both iPhone and Android mobile devices. This free application allows you to send your resume to potential employers from your phone and see who has been reading your resume. It’s my favorite on usability, simplicity and the fact you can see who has been reading your resume….pretty sweet!
  • Most importantly: keep your resume updated with current information. Remember that potential employers are looking at and asking for your resume, whether it is on a website or in your mobile application.

Recommended Apps:

Pocket Resume – $2.99 – iPhone/Android

Resume App Pro – Free – Android

Resume App – $2.99 – iPhone

My Resume  – Free – Windows

PDF Reader – Free – iPhone

Your Resume – $0.99 – Windows

Resume Bear  – Free – iPhone

Resume – Free – Windows

Winning Resume – Free – Android

Every Day Resume – Free – Windows

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