Yes, We're a Start-Up by Jamie

Some of the benefits of a big company like Microsoft is our stable foundation and our vast resources.  But did you know we can leverage those benefits and still feel like a start-up?  I have said it before and our employees have confirmed it, Microsoft Search has the passion and excitement of a start-up.  We are highly innovative and willing to take risks.  An article that just appeared in the San Jose Mercury gives a great peek at one dimension of our culture.


One might argue that I shouldn’t promote stories that talk about putting ideas on a sheet of paper instead of in a polished PowerPoint deck, or having a plan come together at the last minute, but I would disagree.  Innovation can’t always be polished and new ideas require risks and leaps of faith.


I am proud to work for a large company that values a sheet of paper and a leap of faith!


What do you think?