The State of the Union by Jamie

I watched President Obama’s State of the Union address last night.  Regardless of your political affiliations, I think it is always interesting.  A couple of things that struck me tonight were his remarks about innovation and diversity. 


He spoke about the need for greater innovation and a larger emphasis on science.  While he talked about in terms of America being a leader, I instead think about the fact that every company and country needs to push for innovation in science and I am proud to be at a company that does so to benefit people around the world.


He also said, “We find unity in our incredible diversity.”  I feel that way about Microsoft.  One of our strongest advantages is the diversity of our employees, it provides the varying perspectives that spark ongoing innovation.  As a global company, we know that to meet the needs of a diverse user base, we must employ diverse talent.  We desire and celebrate diversity,  but we know we must continue to enhance and cultivate our diverse culture and we’re committed to doing so.  I know this without question because I sit inside the walls.  But it occurs to me that if you don’t work for Microsoft, it may sound like PR or sound bites.  President Obama talked about cynicism around large corporations.  Yes, Microsoft is a large corporation, but I am proud to say, we are a socially responsible one.  We continually renew our commitment to our values and we demonstrate them in our everyday interactions.  Being a global company  means diversity is more than sound bites, it’s a reflection of our users and the key to innovation. 


If you missed President Obama’s speech and want to read it, here’s the transcript.  Thanks Bing for helping me find it so easily!