Introducing J.J. - Bing Test Lead

 Hey bloggers!  My name is J.J. and I’m a Test Lead on the Autopilot team within Bing.  Have you ever wondered how a massively distributed search engine is built, monitored, and maintained?  So did I several years ago when I joined the Bing team (back before it was actually called Bing).  My team and I work on testing one of the biggest, baddest, and most highly distributed software applications on the planet.  You want to talk grid computing and unfathomable compute power?  You want to work in a highly challenging, fast paced environment with top engineering talent?  Read on.


We are currently hiring technically strong software engineers with a passion for building quality services upon which the entire Bing pipeline relies.  We need to automatically handle all types of fault scenarios to make sure that the Bing engine resiliently keeps on going with great results and great performance regardless of what obstacles are thrown at it.  The various types of testing we do include automating reliability, stress, scale, performance, fault tolerance, recoverability, and fail-over scenarios, to name a few.  J


I have a few passions in life.  I love to work on hard, challenging problems.  I love to break things.  And I love working with smart, hard-working, talented people.  I’ve found a great blend of all these things in the Bing team at Microsoft.  If you have similar passions, BING US