Career Development by Jamie

One of the great things about Microsoft is our commitment to growing our employees’ careers.  Career development is an on-going priority at Microsoft.  However, to ensure everyone has the tools and structure to grow, we also have a formal process where we focus on career development. 


March is when we hold our Midyear Career Discussions.  This is a time where each of our employees takes time to think about career development and professional growth.  They leverage a comprehensive set of online resources to evaluate where they are in their career and how they can achieve the next step.  At Microsoft, we are transparent about what it takes to achieve the next level. 


At the end of March, I will invite one of our new employees to blog about their first experience with Midyear Career Discussion.  In the meantime, here is more information on career development at Microsoft.


Do you want to work at a company that wants to help you grow professionally and will give you the tools to do it?