Take Advice from the Seahawks in 2014


As we slip into the holiday season, Bing Jobs wants to help you think about your career presence in the New Year.  What is your professional brand or image at work?

Coming off an action packed NFL weekend – I am more and more impressed by Russell Wilson and his presence both on and off the field.  The maturity, responsibility, and opportunity he has as a second year QB is something I have never seen. A few words that come to mind as I think about Mr. Wilson – philanthropist, humble – always wanting to improve or analyze what he needs to work on, goes above and beyond his normal job description, and leader.

While we know what Mr. Wilson’s image/presence will do for his career, what about you and your image at work?  What will your presence at work do for you in the New Year? Do you need to increase the reach of your presence, fix your image a little, or perhaps change a few misperceptions out there?

Perhaps if we look at Mr. Wilson – we can figure out what changes we can make or take a few cues from his example.

Humbleness/Humility – Even if you have been in your industry for decades or at your company or on the same team for some time, there is ample opportunity to take a look at how you do things – can you streamline anything in the processes you use? Having the right attitude and willingness to change and improve existing processes, or better yet take on new work or areas for problem solving you can change things up at work and potentially save time, money, and be a part of change. Russell seems like an introspective person and I hear him talking about how he wants to improve, how he studied tapes, and I believe he takes the things he learns and applies them almost immediately or real time. Someone of his ability and performance level can easily revert to the “I have this covered” attitude yet Russell fine tunes every single game – you have to love his attitude.

Going above and Beyond – I have written about this before but it never gets old.  Russell makes his own plays happen. If things don’t look right – heck he’ll make that first down happen himself – watching him run the ball on his own is admirable.  You see the rest of the team catching on.  Who can forget the Steven Hauschka hit he took earlier in the season. If you create an environment or tone with your team that you will do whatever it takes to get the job done, help your team attain their goal – it’s almost contagious. Except for if you’re the kicker at work – please know your limitations. J

Leadership – Russell is wise to remember no matter where he is and no matter what he does, he represents Seattle Seahawks football even in the endorsements he takes on.  I wish I was privy to what goes on in the locker room so I knew how Russell has the natural respect of his teammates so this I guess I’ll never know.  Do you exude natural leadership or represent yourself as you want to when you are at work? 

Wishing you all the best during this holiday season. From all of us at @Bingjobs. 

Happy Holidays!!