Notes of a Multimedia Enthusiast

I’m Justin – skier, development lead, rock climber, multimedia enthusiast.


I started out as an intern on the Search team with the monumental task to create a prototype for Video Search.  It was a challenging project – working across the stack with web 2.0, index serving, multimedia processing and content discovery.  Since then, I’ve been hooked!


After graduating, I joined the Multimedia team full time in 2006 right out of college.  It’s been fun working in such an emerging and diverse area of search.  We launched in 2009 with Bing Images and Bing Videos.  Soon after, in 2010 I became a development lead for the Bing Multimedia Experiences team.


They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.  That’s really what makes the Bing Multimedia team unique.  It’s challenging, highly technical work with an artistic touch that brings color to a person’s search results by answering their question in a rich, visual way.


And where else can you watch Family Guy on the job?!?  We not only get to imagine the next generation image and video search experiences, but also have the tools, technology and resources to bring those ideas to life.  Although it’s challenging work I’m always excited to play with the end result.  More than the product though, what I love most about this team is its people, teamwork and energy.

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