Jobs and Presents Galore by Jenna

A whole lot of jobs opened this week in Bing.  You might be busy with your holiday shopping instead of looking for a job, but it’s a good time to head over to the careers page if you haven’t visited in a while.  New jobs in Boulder, Colorado, new roles for Ph.D.-style researchers, and a slew of new senior opportunities make this a great time to check it out.


The holiday season can be an unique opportunity to look for a job.  Companies are still hiring, but the influx of resumes often drops, and it’s an easy time to stand out.  Plus, the New Year is a standard time to jump-start life changes like diets and new careers, so waiting until January will just put your resume in the mass of new resolutions.  So pour yourself a cup of eggnog and get to searching out that new career…  It might just be your best gift of the Season.