Hispanics in the USA by Tameiko

Not too long ago I read an article on the current/projected population of Hispanics in the United States and their buying power. The numbers are staggering. This article got me thinking about my various work environments and how few Hispanics I have seen in the workplace, so I Binged to find more information on the US Hispanic population. I found some good information such as increased socio-economic status but also found some challenges they will need to overcome.


As I think about what constitutes a truly diverse population and increasing the numbers of this ethnic minority group, I am excited about the possibilities for you, for me, for everyone. Imagine a world where we are all different but want to learn about and from one another…We treat one another with respect and dignity…Everyone is encouraged to share their ideas as well as feedback. That world could exist — It is up to you and me to make it so. Will you do your part?