Ethnicity and The Job Hunt by Tameiko

I recently read a disturbing  New York Times article on diverse educated folks struggling to find good jobs.  While this article specifically addressed Blacks, I bet there are similar stories for other ethnically diverse people as well as women. Are we still in the early 1900’s? Who is still allowing these folks to have hiring authority and how come they have not yet retired???


I thought (or was hoping) we were further along. Granted I do not wear rose colored glasses and I knew much of this was going on, and now after reading the story, you know too. There were so many positive stories to overshadow some of the prejudice, I guess I got caught up in the wave. Nonetheless to my dismay the article stated some educated job seekers are so desperate some are removing diversity affiliations from their resumes. How will those of us who are seeking diverse people find you? Please know this, Bing as well as the rest of Microsoft IS looking for you…And I bet we are not alone. To the ethnic job seeker, keep those keywords on your resume (or re-add them). Jamie Morgan recently blogged about having diversity related keywords on resumes. Remember, if you have to be somebody else to get an interview or land a job, it is not worth it. I know this is much easier said than done and you may need to take a job in the interim until you find what you are seeking. Working for a fool (yeah I said it) who does not appreciate diversity is not someone you need to work for…EVER. My words of encouragement are to keep looking my brothers and sisters and be willing to relocate for the right company/environment.


We all need to work in diverse environments — Period. Let me quickly reference the financial market. It is governed by the same type of person and look at the mess we are in now. The “good ol’ boy system” is dated and senseless. Need I say more? It’s time to move forward. Bing/Microsoft is a great place to work. Check us out and hit us up!