Testing in the Ad Platform BI Team by Lisa Liu

My name is Lisa, and I am the test manager for the Ad Platform Business Intelligence team.  I have been with Microsoft for 7 years and have been with the Ad Platform BI team for the past three and half years.  I worked in the Exchange Server team for 4 years since joining Microsoft. Prior to that, I worked in IBM as a Java JDK developer for 5 years in Austin, Texas.   I currently manage the Ad Platform Business Intelligence Test team, which is a team of about 40 people at this time, and is accountable for the quality of the terabytes of data that is going through the Ad Platform on the daily basis. 

I love working in the Ad Platform team.  What makes my job so satisfying?  First of all, this is a very strategic investment area for Microsoft.  Bing has done an awesome job gaining the Search market share, and became the second player in the Search arena.  The Ad Platform team needs to innovate and execute so that we can take advantage of the search market share, monetize on the market share, and generate revenue for Microsoft.  It is great to know that something I work on will directly impact the company’s bottom-line and help Microsoft to be a more successful company.  Secondly, we work with leading edge technologies and have many exciting and interesting challenges for to us to conquer.  For instance, one of the challenges for BI is the huge amount of data we need to process and store, we are constantly looking at innovative approaches to minimize the operating cost.  We will be one of the first teams in MS to start piloting SQL Azure, and looking at migration strategies to move from dedicated data storage to the cloud.  Being in the online space, agility is the key for us to stay competitive in the market.  We have increased our development efficiency significantly in the past few releases, and continue to evolve to find the right rhythm to support frequent releases and balancing testing in labs and production.  The set of challenges and opportunities is what keep me super excited about my job, and eager to come to work every morning.  Last, but not the least reason, is working with the great, smart and passionate people in the team.  Release after release, I have been amazed by the number of features, amount of innovation, and engineering improvement the team was able to accomplish; and the dedication, devotion and enthusiasm everybody in the team has demonstrated throughout the releases.  I am extremely proud and humbled to be part of this awesome team.

The Ad Platform Business Intelligence Test Team is looking for strong SDETs and Leads.  As part of the Business Intelligence team, you will be part of a team focusing on improving the reliability of our data processing pipelines, the efficiency of the data storage solution, and ensure the quality of the data flowing through the system.  It is a technically deep and challenging area.  Don’t worry if you are not a master in database, we are looking for people who are passionate in the data domain, and have a good learning aptitude.  You will have many helpful peers who will be very gladly help you to ramp up on the technology we use, and be successful in your career.

There are many exhilarating opportunities waiting for you in the team.  If you are an individual passionate for quality, enthusiastic about making the Ad Platform the best online advertising platform in the world, and wanting to make a direct contribution to Microsoft’s bottom-line, come and join us!

Take the action today, come and talk to us.  You can reach me directly at lisayliu@microsoft.com, or apply to one of the following jobs:  http://bit.ly/qxpIAf