Newbie in GFS

By: AshleyJ

Webster defines “new blood” as persons who are accepted into a group or organization and are expected to provide fresh ideas and vitality. Those are pretty high expectations; but I’m up for the challenge as I finish up my second week as a recruiter in Global Foundation Services.

I’m actually not quite a newbie to Microsoft – I joined the organization in February 2010 in the HR Trax Program, a rotational program designed to give those who recently received Masters degrees in human resources (I received mine from the University of Illinois…GO ILLINI!) an opportunity to rotate through 2-3 functions in HR – generalist work, staffing, compensation & benefits, etc. This is my final rotation in the HR Trax Program, but it’s my very first time being a recruiter.

So, as you can imagine, there have been some things that keep me up at night – one in particular is the panic that ensues when I think about finding the right people for the right jobs! Ok, so I’ll admit I’m a bit overdramatic. Still, in the competitive environment in which we play, it won’t be easy. But luckily, I’ve landed in an amazing role that allows me to hire the smartest people in the industry for the engine that powers Microsoft. Yep, GFS is an ENGINE – we make all 200+ of our coolest products run. And keep running. 24/7. When sending emails to faraway friends at 2am is your mechanism for falling asleep – we’re here keeping that Hotmail account operating. If you’re into sculptures, then you’ve seen Atlas holding the globe on his back…that’s GFS – holding up our enterprise all day, every day.

So this is going to be fun, and I’m ready! We’re reinventing ourselves, and I’m just excited to make history with this team. Check out the open positions within GFS, and send me your resume at if you’re interested in an incredible job opportunity with our team!