Interested in Microsoft? Let us know. More interview tips by Amanda Matthews

The most frustrating thing as a recruiter is to bring in a qualified candidate that does a poor job conveying his or her interest in Microsoft.  I often hear from hiring managers, “this candidate doesn’t know anything about our business” or “the candidate didn’t seem very interested in the role.”  Often candidates get so caught up in selling their qualification and abilities that they forget to convey their interest in Microsoft and the team.  Below are some easy tips for conveying your interest and pushing your odds in favor of receiving an offer.


  • 1. Do your homework. Understand the business, its competitors, and what the team’s mission or goals are. Do your research prior to the phone interview with the hiring manager and ask clarifying questions prior to the interview either from the hiring manager or the recruiter.
  • 2. Ask questions. Be prepared and bring a list of at least 10 questions to the interview and ask one or two to each person you interview with. Not only does this help build rapport, but it allows the interviewer to speak genuinely about their experience with the team. This will also make you more confident about your decision to join Microsoft when an offer comes.
  • 3. Close the interview with a thank you and convey your interest in the company and team. Often candidates get nervous and forget this simple step. We all know that a “thank you” can go a long way to making a lasting impression.


Above all, remember to be yourself.  At Microsoft we are passionate about our work and we are looking for others to join the cause.  Of course the most important thing about an interview is to identify key skills that the team needs.  Don’t forget that passion is something we all look for as well.   


Good luck to you all!


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