A CSG to FTE Bing Design Success Story! by Stephanie

I joined Bing Design team in April of this year (2011) as a user experience and visual designer. The design team works directly with user research and editorial to create the visual presentation and user experience of bing.com (including, that beautiful, interactive, home page). For 2 years prior to joining Bing, I was a contract designer for Microsoft’s Interactive Experience Business creating information + publication design – so moving to Bing presented me with a dual challenge: transition from print to online, and from contract to full time. Meeting this challenge is still a “work in progress,” but there’s definitely never a dull moment.


For an information designer – or any designer who loves creating visual solutions to communication problems – Search is an amazing place to be. There are new challenges every day, often every hour, and because the Search landscape is constantly reinventing itself, a designer’s ideas are unrestrained. Sometimes, a solution has never been tried before. All the better! Inventing and envisioning happens here.


At Bing in particular, the design team is a fairly new group, still growing and architecting itself – this creates a very inclusive environment where your contributions really matter. The people here are amazingly talented individuals, each very passionate about search, and design – not a day that goes by, that I don’t learn something (or a lot of something!) new from all of them. There are unique problems to solve, an endless supply of challenges that you’re free to attack, and your work is seen by millions of users every day. I have no doubt that my experience here will be one of the most stimulating and enriching experiences I’ve had in my design career.


By the way, if you’re short on excitement, or refreshing design challenges – our team is currently hiring at all levels, including a Lead position. Come join us and share your ideas  = ]


Stephanie Cooper

UX Designer

Check out User Experience openings in Online Services Division here.