What does sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions and working at Microsoft have in common?

Can you believe we are about to enter a new year? 2012 will be here before you know it. As each New Year approaches, millions of people around the globe make resolutions (or intentions) on things they want to accomplish. These resolutions can range anywhere from spending more time with family to having a more active lifestyle to perhaps finding a better job to further your career.

Did you know that working at Microsoft can also help you stick to your New Year resolutions? Here are 5 common New Year’s resolutions that Microsoft supports!

Resolution #1: Spend more time with family. Every second we get to spend with family is an opportunity to create stronger bonds and lasting memories. At Microsoft, we strongly encourage a healthy work/life balance and putting family first is of the utmost importance. Check out the video link below to learn more about work-life balance within Microsoft’s Online Services Division.

Work-Life Balance at Microsoft

Resolution #2: Lose weight or adopt a more active lifestyle. At Microsoft, it is important for our employees to take care of his/her health and one of the ways we do that is by providing ways both on and off our Microsoft Campuses to do so. We have walking/jogging trails at the Redmond campus and also provide a free gym membership for those based in Redmond. For those not in Redmond, we allocate a certain amount of money to each employee so they can reimburse either a single or family gym membership.

Resolution #3: Volunteer more to charitable organizations. At Microsoft, we believe that the passion and creativity of our employees emerge when they know their efforts make a difference and a large part of that comes through helping others. You can learn more about our give campaigns and volunteer programs by clicking here: http://www.microsoft.com/citizenship .

Resolution #4: Save Money. Investing for your future and retirement is something that many of us strive to do each year. At Microsoft, we provide a 401(k) plan that includes a company match on contributions. We also provide flex spending options for childcare which can help you save some extra cash each year.

Resolution #5: Find a better job. We value every single one of our employees at Microsoft and make it a priority to invest in his/her career development. There is an amazing range of opportunities for career advancement at Microsoft. We offer clear career path options, movement across professions and mentoring programs both within and outside of your own area of expertise that allow you to build a network to help find opportunities that can promote your development.

To learn more about opportunities at Microsoft, check out www.microsoft.com/careers. Happy New Year!

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