Meet Wayne, Senior Program Manager

 I am a Senior Program Manager in the DCS – Site Selection and Analytics group within our Online Services Division. Much of my work entails supporting the team that makes the decisions on which locations to build or lease our next datacenter site.  Currently we are figuring out where to grow our datacenter footprint in Europe and Asia along with deciding where our best opportunity to grow is in the USA.   Before I worked at MS, my perceptions were definitely of a 90,000 people large corporation selling a lot of software.  After being here more than a year, I have had a chance to see the passion and commitment our team has made to make our Online Services Division successful. (This is completely separate to our core software business.)  It is the daily interaction with many of my co-workers, solving business problems that make my job both rewarding and fun! I really enjoy working in GFS for several reasons: First, People are incredibly hard working and recognize that there are difficult problems to solve, and that we must work together to effectively solve them. Second, we are in a very unique business (online services), where we are building the path, not following one.  And there are only a few players in the business who have a chance to be successful: MS, Google, Yahoo, AOL.  And as we all know, competition is fierce.   Therefore, we need really smart people to join us so we have the best chance to be successful.  Because when you are creating your path, it is not as simple and just keeping the wheels on the road.


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