College Students AND Those Who Just Graduated Here Are Some Twittering Tips When Seeking A Job - Kay



Ok, so you’re a student in a college or you have just graduated and through your conversations with recruiters, friends and colleagues, you’ve created a Twitter account like everybody else in these social networking worlds. However, Twitter is so much different than Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s more of a water cooler-type setting between humans. In fact, a friend of mine didn’t believe it either, that was until she secured a very desirable internship in the engineering field last summer at Apple because of Twitter. So the question you should be asking yourself is this “how do I use Twitter to feel personal and professionally? Simple, begin with these basic steps and you will expand naturally.

Step A) Start searching and following twitter accounts that post internships and jobs.  Some twitter accounts I would suggest following:  @internships  @sweetcareers  or @internmatch  they are among many that have a ton of internships which each post, along with tips for finding ones.


Step B) Search and follow twitter accounts by respected members of that field, as well as companies, and business groups. For example, if you’re interested in working for Bing follow twitter @Bingjobs, Microsoft_Jobs  @microsoft_jobs or XBOX360 follow @xbox360careers follow people you want to engage with. I would also follow individuals who could help you.

Step C) Clean up your tweets, no more “Going to get drunk and stupid tonight, PARTY!” Please tweet intelligently, yes you can have humor, fun, real however if you are using it as a possible finding a job, start posting interesting articles that you find online, and ADD YOUR OWN INSIGHT TO THEM. Re-tweet interesting posts the professionals you follow, post or add your own insight to them. Replay to Direct Messages, engage in conversations. The main issue of importance here is to be engaged and interact on a PROFESSIONAL LEVEL with these people you now follow. Remember, these people are full of connections, and that is what Twitter is about! Try to make actual connections with these people. See if there are Facebook fanpages that can allow you to post your blog reviews on article’s, etc. a great way to show your involvement within the social networking


Step D) Keep your eye out for job and internship posts. The above mentions are just  some I mentioned, but Twitter is becoming a awesome place to connect and be informed about opportunities! Don’t be afraid to engage with a professional (through direct messages or reply to their tweets) for suggestions on how to get in touch with an industry/company you’re interested in. Most fellow tweeters are people who want to help others, if you genuinely ask for help, someone will answer the call.

Honestly, Twitter is just a tool and it won’t get a job for you, however it’s really what you do with this and other tools to find possibilities! Use these tools to find your voice, connect with others it’s really that simple! Final thought, Twitter is an extension of you, and it can be used for giving as well as getting to meet people while making connections that would otherwise be impossible

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