Meet David – One of Our Sr. Product Planners for Advertiser and Publisher Solutions Team

 I’m a Sr. Product Planner and am a newer hire to the Advertiser and Publisher Solutions (“APS”) team, working on fraud prevention planning. This includes helping to run the fraud prevention programs and planning for future product releases.  Before joining Microsoft my perception was that Microsoft was a large company, with several teams working on different products. Since joining, I realized that it is a huge company, with many teams working on lots of different and exciting products!  Despite this size, I was surprised to see how humble and focused everyone is on ensuring that they are consistently building products and solutions that delight end users.  It’s fast paced and dynamic, where no two days are the same. APS is a complex ecosystem with lots of moving parts which makes cross team collaboration vital.   The culture is one of work hard and play hard:  Our team recently participated in a Day of Giving, which had us removing invasive plants from a local park. Those plants won’t be growing back any time soon. The quality of people that I work with constantly astounds me.  It’s great to be part of a team that empowers everyone to own the business and be decision makers. Everyone wants to help out and solve the issues, which makes every challenge seem like an opportunity. Moving from an internet company to this team at Microsoft has been a relatively straight forward transition; some of the acronyms are even the same!   Aside from the challenging issues we get to solve, I really enjoy the feeling of working in a startup, with all the support and infrastructure of a stable business.  

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