Kickin' Off My Career @ MICROSOFT

 I graduated with my Master’s Degree in Human Resources from the University of Minnesota last spring.  Upon graduation, I took an offer from Microsoft and launched my career in the HR Trax program at Microsoft.  HR Trax is an early in career rotational program at Microsoft in which I get great exposure to HR leaders and undertake 1 year rotations in the different HR specialties.  Whether you’re in a program like HR Trax or not, one thing is for sure about Microsoft; it is an incredible place to kick off your career. Currently in my first rotation, I am a Staffing Consultant for the Global Foundation Services division within Microsoft.  I recruit Network Engineers—an incredibly challenging role and profile to learn and recruit for.  With limited staffing experience, my team set me up with a robust onboarding plan to ensure my early success in this role.  I was given the proper training, both formal and informal, to ensure I understood the concepts and components of being a Staffing Consultant at Microsoft.  Furthermore, everyone on the team initiated individual meetings with me to share their expertise and gave me the vital information I needed to be successful.  I’m not going to lie, I did a lot of learning on my own; but I was able to do this because of the online resources Microsoft has to ramp up new employees in their role.  I have never been told that I can’t attend a training that will increase my knowledge to perform my job. I have been in my role for about 4 months and the support from my team and clients hasn’t stopped.  They allow me to make mistakes, provide me with real-time feedback, and celebrate my successes.  My questions are always answered, my concerns addressed, and I feel this will enable me to reach my full potential at Microsoft.   Microsoft ensures its managers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to help develop and support their teams; this is vital for early in career employees in need of this.   Obviously, choosing the company to kick off your career at is a critical decision.  I have absolutely no regrets in joining Microsoft.  Microsoft provides the onboarding, training, and team support that enable all motivated, talented individuals to launch an incredibly successful career.  So come join me, and let’s tackle the world’s most challenging technology problems.

Cheers:  To many years, in our great careers at Microsoft! J -Kevin Mottram





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