Meet Eddie – Director Global Datacenter Operations

Data centers get a lot of publicity because of the rate of growth and the amount of power consumed across the globe.  Companies that provide content and applications, as well as end users, just expect things to work.  Everyone expects to find anything they need online, from every device they own, and it should always be available.  This requires careful planning to stay ahead of demand, precise coordination of maintenance activities and flawless execution.  The cost of running data centers is foremost on the minds of CTOs and COOs.  We always look for more efficient ways to run the DCs and balance efficiency with providing 100% Uptime.   Microsoft Data Center Operations is always looking for talented folks with experience and passion for maintaining data centers.   Candidates must be smart, proven leaders, detailed oriented, passionate about cost and understand the importance placed on reliability at a data center. Check out our opportunites here:


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