My meeting with a new Bing Hiring Manager by Eugenia

I just got out of a meeting with a Hiring Manager and I really feel energized.  The hiring manager, we’ll call him “B” just joined Bing about one month ago from another group within Microsoft. Having made the move into the online/web services world, the exposure he has to planning and design is awesome and the energy he gets from the discussions on making the huge scale that Bing deals with ‘work’ is mind boggling and just very exciting to a true engineer.  Just listening to him talk about how groundbreaking some of the ideas being discussed and the scale in which they are working really made me take a step back and realize a) not everyone gets to work with the scale we deal with and b) the passion of the engineers/people who work with Bing have to making Bing an innovative success.  This is a dynamic place with heart and it feels great to work with people who think of this more than just work.

Eugenia Sawa is a Staffing Consultant for Bing, based in Bellevue, Washington.

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