Another Sign that Bing is Better for Advertisers by Matt

I saw a great article today that talked about Click Through Rates in Bing vs. “the competition.”  YES, the sample size is small. YES, there’s the new “shiny new toy” factor but in any case, these numbers show that the key to ads not being an “annoyance” is relevance! Our Ads Development team is putting a lot of focus on improving the relevance of ads to make sure the right ad gets to the right person every time they use Bing.


One of the more amusing aspects of this story (as with most internet articles) is the user comments! My favorite is the person who feels the cause of Bing’s early success is attributed Microsoft employees who are clicking on ads to boost our scores. If this poster knew Microsoft at all, he/she would have known that we’d assign such a silly task to Full Time employees … that’s what Contractors are for!!! I’m kidding of course, just trying to bring a little humor to your morning!


The full article (with comments) is here, check it out!

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