Cricket experiences on Bing and Cortana – Season 2

T20 Cricket season just picked up the pace and Bing joins the celebrations with a refreshed set of Cricket search experiences. After a successful partnership with the followers of this fascinating game during world cup last year, we felt it is time to don new match jerseys and be part of the movement.

Over the last few months, we have been working to enrich cricket search experiences to show more match details. In addition to covering the basics of cricket, we will also show the twists and turns of this shortest format of cricket through in-game predictions – updating predicted winners every 5 overs.

Here is a quick preview of this season’s cricket experiences.

Stay up to date with latest schedule, predictions, standings and scores


Just search {Cricket} on and find Bing’s prediction for your favourite team’s next match.

For an ongoing match, catch all the twists and turns through our new feature – in-game predictions. Scroll down on your phone or scroll right on the desktop to get the graph that would truly capture the match tension.

Play daily Cricket quiz and match polls

Test your skills with the daily cricket quiz and voice your opinion about a match in the daily polls.

Follow Cricket using Cortana on Windows 10


For all our Cortana users on Windows 10, Cortana will help keep you updated with the latest and best of cricket matches. Simply ask her about “Cricket scores” or scores of your favourite team.

Play a Cricket quiz with Cortana on Windows 10

While Cortana already knew a thing or two about cricket, she is also ready to test your knowledge about the game. Ask Cortana to “give me a cricket challenge” and engage in a lively quiz session.

Bing Predicts on UCWeb

We love predicting the winners and sharing our enthusiasm for the sport with others. Match predictions are also available on mobile browser app - UCWeb.

These experiences are available now*. Just go to Bing and start searching for cricket. Do tell us what do you think! Tweet your heart out using #DilSay and your expert analysis using #DimagSay.

May the best teams win!

- The Bing team

*Cricket answers, Quiz and polls on Bing are now available in all en-WW markets (including the Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, Canada, the UK and the US). Cortana experiences are available in India, the UK and Australia. UCWeb integration with Bing Predicts goes LIVE in the week of 14th March.