IIFA 2016 winners predictions

Update: Bing Predicts got 6 predictions correctly at the recently concluded IIFA 2016. Out of the 8 categories we had predicted winners in, our predictions were spot on for Best Actor (Male), Best Actor (Female), Best Supporting Actor (Male), Best Supporting Actor (Female), Best Director and Best Film. With 75% accuracy at IIFA 2016, we are off to a decent start in the Indian movies arena. Watch out for our predictions in coming months!

Lights, Sound, Camera rolling and …. Predictions


Imagine a not-too-distant future when machines start writing Bollywood scripts in addition to other human activities they may already be performing (e.g. a personal digital assistant). Here is a fictional TAKE 1 of one such story that machines, after consuming information of the world, may write:


It has been raining incessantly for the last two days. Piku knows she has to move to the rooftop in order to survive till help arrives. However she and her father Kamal Mehra can't agree on the best way to move upstairs - should it be the plumbing lines or the tall coconut tree in their already flooded garden. In fact Mr. Mehra has just suffered a bout of excess stomach gas mistaking it for a heart attack and thinks the tree may be the safer option. Afterall it had stood tall for 10 long years and there was no reason why it wouldn't survive the current calamity as well.


On the other side of the city, a swashbuckling Indian Air Force captain Ranveer Bajirao Singh is getting ready for yet another sortie to rescue residents in the flooded city. Helping him tonight would be Flight Lieutenant Kashi Chopra who recently won a service medal for her outstanding work rescuing people up the northern hills.


It's getting darker by the minute. Will Piku and her father be able to make to it to the rooftop? Will Ranveer and Kashi spot them in time?




If you are as much of a Bollywood buff as we in Bing and a lot of our users are, you may have already recognised the characters and sub-plots that appeared on the silver screen this past one year.


Now let's make things even more interesting. Here goes our predictions for winners in 8 categories at the IIFA Awards 2016 being held in Madrid this week:

  • Best Actor (Female) - Deepika Padukone for Piku - Bing Predicts 64% chances of winning

  • Best Actor (Male) - Ranveer Singh for Bajirao Mastani- Bing Predicts 42% chances of winning

  • Best Actor in a supporting role (Female) - Priyanka Chopra for Bajirao Mastani - Bing Predicts 51% chances of winning

  • Best Actor in a supporting role (Male) - Anil Kapoor for Dil Dhadakne Do - Bing Predicts 41% chances of winning

  • Best Picture - Bajrangi Bhaijaan - Bing Predicts 50% chances of winning

  • Best Director - Sanjay Leela Bhansali for Bajirao Mastani- Bing Predicts 44% chances of winning

  • Best playback singer (Male) - Arijit Singh for Sooraj Dooba Hai from Roy - Bing Predicts 55% chances of winning

  • Best playback singer (Female) - Shreya Ghosal for Deewani Mastani from Bajirao Mastani - Bing Predicts 51% chances of winning

Spurred by the recent successes of Bing Predicts in predicting winners for Oscar (70.8% correct predictions) and Grammy (90.9% correct predictions) entertainment awards, we now expand our horizons to the world’s largest movie producer – India, starting with IIFA awards. As the fictional story above hints, Bing Predicts uses search, social and web to make intelligent predictions and add a different dimension to the entertainment world.

Write to us and tell us what you think about our predictions and share with us your list of predicted winners. We are waiting to hear from you on Twitter
(@MicrosoftIndia) and Facebook (MicrosoftIndia). And for all the latest on IIFA, visit this special hub on MSN India, the official digital partners for the event. 

May the best of Indian cinema win! Happy Searching.

 -The Bing Team