Now prepare for IIT JEE all-year around with Bing

At Bing, we want to give a fresh perspective on the things that matter most to the users. When it comes to education, few entrance exams rival the IIT JEE competitive exams.

Bing gets you IIT JEE Question of the Day for all the IIT aspirants. Bing will deliver questions every day to help students to practice for the exams – all through the year. The questions and solutions are powered by Bansal Classes, a prestigious coaching institute in the country for IIT JEE. “The Microsoft-Bansal partnership will benefit students in terms of sharing our study material and questions through the Bing platform engaging millions of students” says Mr. Bansal of Bansal classes.

Let’s take a look at how this works:

Explore Question of the day

All you need to do is search for ‘JEE Question of the day’ or ‘JEE Question’ or ‘IIT question of the day’,etc. and we show you two questions each from Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry on Search results page. You can click down arrow to see the answers. If you find it difficult to solve the problem, you can click on the Bansal Classes link provided to see a short video on how to solve the problem by Bansal Teachers.

Blg2    Blg3

These experiences are available now in India market both on Desktop and on Mobile including Windows Phone and Android.
Just go to Bing every day and start practicing and be competitive. We hope this enriches you and helps in preparing for the exams and make your dreams come true!

Just another example of how Bing helps you search less and do more. Happy learning!

– The Bing team