Bing predicts Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams at advantage for Wimbledon win



Wimbledon gets under way this week and the team at Bing are set to make sure you have the advantage point with Bing Predicts Wimbledon.

Will Roger Federer be crowned the men’s singles champion? Could it be the turn of Maria Sharapova in the ladies draw? Bing says no! At the moment Bing is predicting a 34% chance for Novak Djokovic and 31% for Serena Williams respectively, with Andy Murray predicted an 11% chance of a victory.



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For the rest of the tournament, Bing will be on hand to predict overall men’s and women’s singles winner. But it doesn’t stop there! Once the groups are down to the last 32, the nail biting action really begins as Bing draws upon sources including previous match statistics and audience sentiment across social and traditional media to deliver match to match predictions all the way to finals.

If you’re one of the lucky fans to be watching the action live from the courts, fear not – Bing Predicts is coming with you. The predictions will be accessible across mobile and other devices on

Bing will also have all the information you need for the tournament all in one place with in-depth features including match schedules, results, top player statistics as well as match predictions simply by searching for your favorite player from today and “Wimbledon” from 2nd July.

Try out all the new features including predictions by searching for ‘Wimbledon’ on

The Bing Team