Bing goes desi! Supports 9 Indian languages

Bing is bringing you closer to your roots even when you are online! With the release of Indian language experiences in both on Desktop and Mobile devices in India, you can now Bing in हिन्दी – Hindiதமிழ் – Tamilతెలుగు – Teluguবাংলা – Bengaliमराठी – Marathiമലയാളം – Malayalamಕನ್ನಡ – Kannadaગુજરાતી – Gujaratiਪੰਜਾਬੀ – Punjabi and more importantly, switch between languages easily.

Bing’s new Bharatiya avatar has these great features:

An onscreen virtual keyboard

Bing IndiaBing understands that you often switch between English and your mother tongue. So when you choose an Indian language, Bing enables an onscreen virtual keyboard that helps you type in your language, without requiring additional keyboard installations. You can easily toggle between languages by clicking on the keyboard icon in the Bing search bar or closing the onscreen virtual keyboard.


Search suggestions & mini answers

SnapshotAs you type, Bing provides search suggestions in Indian languages to help you to complete tasks quickly. These search suggestions are an aggregation of user searches across Bing. And, when Bing identifies your query intent, it intelligently suggests mini answers to complete your task.




Information Snapshot

InformationWhen you look for information about an entity like a celebrity, place, movie, organization, etc., Bing shows rich entity information snapshots addressing your top needs, apart from web results. Currently, this experience is available in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.



Window 10 phone

WPBing support for Indian languages augments Windows 10 phones, which natively supports text input in multiple Indian languages. Indian language experiences in Bing are supported even on Android devices!



Indian language content generation

Bing has built a scalable Indian language content generation pipeline to convert content from English to Indian languages. The pipeline uses a mix of transliteration and existing translations available in Microsoft’s Satori Knowledge Base. Content generated by this pipeline powers search suggestions, mini answers, information snapshot and necessary query triggers to surface rich Indian language experiences.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to Bing in your mother tongue.