Bing helps you spruce up your restaurant searches

Planning for a sumptuous lunch or a candle light dinner but not sure where to head to? We got you covered. With Zomato integration on Bing, in addition to existing partners such as Trip Advisor, Foursquare, etc, restaurant search has never been this easy! Search for the restaurants of your choice and you get to see an awesome mix of features that can help you plan your Restaurant jaunts in a jiffy.


Below are some pertinent snippets in Bing’s restaurant experience that can help you select the restaurant of your choice.

User Reviews & Ratings: You get to see the number of reviewers on popular restaurant websites for the restaurant and 3 latest reviews directly on Bing and a link to quickly access all reviews; Average rating of the restaurant are available for you to make an informed choice to narrow down to the restaurant that can satiate your hunger pangs. With Bing you have the luxury of seeing the reviews and ratings from three providers with our multi provider review module.

Food & Ambience Images: Images of dishes in the menu and the restaurant ambience/indoor images can go a long way in kindling one’s appetite and the urge to pay a visit to the restaurant.  Images sourced from various sources are presented in an image collage that can help you create the right mindset before your actual visit.

Menu: Do you want to save time by deciding before-hand, the items that you plan to devour during your visit to a restaurant? the “menu” link has been precisely built to help you be more plan-full and forecast your food expenses.

Order Online: Hell-bent on having biriyani from your favorite restaurant but cannot afford to miss the marquee champions league clash? Bing comes to your rescue; place your food order online on Zomato from Bing and enjoy your favorite biriyani on your living room couch watching Lionel Messi tackle Cristiano Ronaldo.

Enquiries & Getting there: Bing helps you with the precise phone number, hours the restaurant is open, Address, Directions from your place and all such needs to contact the restaurant of your choice.

A few Restaurants that you can check out:

Indian Accent Delhi       Romanos Mumbai      Pan Asian Chennai     Dum pukht Kolkata    Windmill craftworks Bengaluru
Happy Eating! Happy Searching!
-The Bing Team