Over 100 New Streetside and 3D Cities Go Live on Bing Maps

If you’re headed out on a last-minute vacation this summer, you can preview that special place on Bing Maps. We have been busy driving and flying to bring you more cities to view before you travel. We recently surpassed the 100-city mark for both our Streetside imagery and our 3D cities, and there are a host of vacation favorites among them.

New Streetside cities

Drive right up to your destination with Streetside imagery. You can see Streetside imagery in both Bing Maps and the Bing Maps Preview app exclusively available on Windows 8.1. With this release, Streetside passes 100 cities and the count of close-up views of your favorite places keeps growing. See the end of this post for a complete list of all the new Streetside cities on Bing Maps.

New 3D cities on the Bing Maps Preview app

With this release, the Bing Maps team passed the 100-city mark and continues on. Our count today is over 125 highly detailed 3D cities viewable through the Bing Maps Preview app available exclusively on Windows 8.1. Have you been to any of these vacation spots? See the end of this post for a complete list of all the new 3D cities on Bing Maps.


New high-resolution aerial imagery

The world is a big place, and you can now get a fresh look at over five million square kilometers of it. New high-resolution imagery is available on Bing Maps in over 150 countries on every continent in the world. Using a variety of sources from aircraft-mounted UltraCam Osprey cameras to satellite imagery from our partner Digital Globe, Bing Maps brings you high-resolution views of your favorite vacation spots.

Get the Bing Maps Preview app at the Windows Store to explore the new 3D cities listed below:


United States
Albuquerque, NM Las Vegas, NV Tulsa, OK
Atlanta, GA Louisville, KY Universal Studios, FL
Charleston, SC Memphis, TN
Corpus Christi, TX New Orleans, LA Denmark
Denver, CO Oklahoma City, OK  Copenhagen
Disney World, FL Orlando, FL
Durham, NC Raleigh, NC Canada
Fort Worth, TX San Jose, CA Edmonton, AB
Fremont, CA St. Louis, MO Toronto, ON
Houston, TX St. Petersburg, FL Vancouver, BC
Jacksonville, FL Tampa, FL Victoria, BC