Bing Ads Holiday Trends and Insights: The Untapped Potential of Canadian Audiences

Due to the proximity of the United States, it's often difficult to get standalone Canadian data. Well, here are a couple points to compel you to tune up and expand your keywords this holiday season: Not only do Canadians devote more time to being online than anyone else in the world, but they spend $22 billion a year in retail e-commerce. In fact, just last December Canadians spent $2.8 billion via online shopping; up 26% from the previous year! And even Cyber Monday generated 23% growth year over year.

Whether Canadians are searching for flights to return home or planning a trip to watch the Grey Cup, savvy search marketers can take advantage of Canada's top brands to ensure their story comes through.

With one ad buy on Bing Ads you have the potential to reach 15 million unique Canadian searchers that spend 24% more online than the average searcher. Please refer to this fun infographic for additional facts and insights to ensure you get the most out of your PPC campaign this holiday season.

If you’d like to save it for later reference, feel free to download  and save this infographic.