Finding the perfect restaurant just got easier with Bing Restaurant search

On the hook to plan the evening for the special person in your life this weekend? Bing is making it easier to search, find and take action on the best restaurants in Toronto, Vancouver and all cities in Canada. Search for any cuisine to satiate your palate from the usual of Thai and Chinese or even the more targeted of vegetarian and buffet restaurants

Below are some few examples:

Once the carousel is present you can use it to compare quickly between the many restaurants based on price and ratings. The rich image also gives you a sense of how amazing the dishes are.


Click on individual restaurants to get a deeper look into them. You can see detailed reviews, more photos and other related restaurants. And if you think this restaurant is THE one, then you can click on the phone button to make sure you have the best spot in the restaurant.


We’re always exploring ways to help you find things faster on Bing.

-Bing Canada Team