Build a Smarter Bracket with Bing

March Madness® is here! And the Bing team has been cooking up something special for all you bracket builders out there. For the first time ever, Bing has partnered with the NCAA® to gain unprecedented access to over 10 seasons worth of Division I basketball data – and we’re putting that knowledge to work for you. Combined with the industry-leading predictions of our Bing Predicts team, we’re giving bracket builders the ultimate March Madness® experience.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, whether you’re a casual observer or a foaming-at-the-mouth fan, we’ve got something for you. Here is how Bing gets you in the game:

Bing Bracket Builder: Want to come out on top with your bracket? We’re here to help. We know that as much as we all love basketball, we don’t have time to follow all 68 teams. Don’t worry, Bing is here to level the playing field for the average fan and make you look like that smart sports analyst.

Beginning today, on Selections Sunday™, we are launching the Bing Bracket at Bracket Builder with a slew of features to help you build the best bracket, including:

  • Intelligent Predictions: We’ve built Bing predictions right into our bracket builder. So as you hover over a team, we give you all the data you need to make an informed decision on a matchup. Of all the features of our bracket, few are more exciting than our predictions. Once the bracket is announced, our servers need a couple hours to run through all possible 9.2 quintillion outcomes of the bracket, stay tuned for updates on when the NCAA bracket builder goes live.
  • Auto-Fill: Only 1 in 5 people follow more than five teams, so how do you fill out an entire bracket with 68 teams when you really only care about whether your team makes the Final Four? Use the auto-fill function and Bing will help you fill out the rest using smart predictive capabilities and accounting for your favorite teams.
  • Search within your bracket: If you don’t want to take Bing’s predictions for granted, we give you the next layer of team stats to help you make the most informed decision on the possibility of an upset. If you’re one of the 44 percent of us that do research online as we fill out our brackets – the Bing Bracket is for you!
  • Interactive Highlights: With the Bing Bracket you can follow along during the tournament and watch highlights, research teams and players, check scores and engage with your picks directly. Miss a game in your matchup? Visit your bracket and see key highlights post game.
  • Detailed game matchups: Kentucky v Duke? Gonzaga v UNC? Get detailed matchup stats, pulling in historical data and even Bing’s predictions on who’s favored to win and why. Want to know what it will take for the underdog to pull off an upset?
  • Export: Four out of 10 March Madness fans will fill out more than one bracket. With Bing we’ll make it easy for you to export directly to the Capital One NCAA March Madness Bracket Challenge and compete against Bing.
  • Print, save, share: Bing makes it easy to share your success with friends.
  • March Madness hub: With 68 teams playing throughout the tournament, that’s a lot of games to keep track of. Bing has you covered.

Check it out here: Bracket Builder

-The Bing Team