Bing Australia Bounces Out of Beta

Today, following more than two years of localisation and product development since its Australian launch, the Beta tag has been removed from Bing Australia.

Bing positions itself as a new-generation search engine that helps you get things done, quickly and easily, making searching the web more instinctive.

Key features of Bing are:

  • Bing is task oriented – designed to help you get things done more quickly, with less queries
  • Bing is visually organised – displays search results with more than just blue links

Nearly 3 million Australians use Bing search engine each month and local Bing users are increasing. Traffic increased by more than 65% between June 2009 and Sept 2011.

The removal of the Beta tag is today marked with an Australian home page image featuring two Urambi roos.

Did you know that kangaroos can’t move backwards? Much like Bing Australia you could say. We’ve come this far so it’s now full-steam ahead. Thanks to each and every one of you for your ongoing support and we look forward to sharing with you what lies ahead for the future of Search.


– Bing AU Product team