Announcing Snapshot for Bing in Australia

At Bing, we believe that search should be more than a collection of blue links pointing to pages around the web. And that’s is why we’re launching Snapshot in Australia: to enable people to get accurate answers at a glance on

Snapshot, located to the right of web results, provides a richer set of results to help you better understand something you’ve searched for by including basic information, videos and images, songs, related entities and more. The underlying technology for Snapshot is designed with a deep understanding of the world around us not only as a collection of entities, or people, places and things, but also the relationships in between.

Let’s look at a few examples:

Tim Cahill Image


Together, these updates provide you with a greater level of understanding about the world we all live in, which we hope will make Bing more useful to your everyday life. This is a long journey, and we expect to deliver a number of additional improvements in the weeks and months ahead.

– The Bing Australia Team