Happy Australia Day!

Happy Australia Day and welcome to the very first Bing AU blog post.  We’ve decided to start our own AU blog so we can keep you all up-to-date with what’s happening with our product, our team and our industry in our country.  Please feel free to add comments or questions and keep watching this space for updates.


Here at Bing we love nothing more than showing off our national pride with a picture of an Aussie flag-festooned bathing box – sure to get every Aussie in the mood for a barbecue, perhaps a beer, or a day at one of Australia’s many gorgeous beaches.


In fact, speaking of barbecues, you could say that Bing puts the ‘ b’ in barbecue, allowing many a hungry Aussie a way to search for everything barbecue related, from places to get designer snags to some summery recipes that will have everyone shouting ‘Oi, Oi, Oi’ with much delight and gusto.


Clea – Bing Senior Brand Manager