Bing rolls out new experience: Bing AFL prediction!

Over the past year, we have been working hard to deliver local-specific experiences to our beloved Australian audience and it can’t get more “Aussie” than the Australian Football League (AFL).

Rolling out the new AFL predictions feature, Bing is taking on the challenge by utilizing its prediction engine in reading web and social signals to understand the collective human wisdom. Our prediction does not just stop there, it continues to analyse years-worth of statistics from player/team performance to venue and weather.

May you be just a casual follower or a lifetime fans, Bing has you covered from each round schedules, team schedules to a specific match.

AFL prediction experience

Search for AFL or your favourite team and check out who Bing predicts will win in the upcoming matches.

AFL_Predictions_SS_1 AFL_Single_Match

You can even ask Cortana to find out which team will emerge victorious this weekend!

Cortana AFL

What Bing has predicted?

We have launched numerous predictions across my types of events such as Sports, Voting shows, award shows and even politics. In Australia, we had huge success in predicting Wimbledon 2015 with an overall accuracy of 71% (picked the men’s and women’s single championship). An accuracy of 80% for Eurovision (Predicted four out of five top countries correctly). For Cricket world cup, we correctly called 40 winners out of 48 matches (83% accuracy) and to top it off, we knew Australia would win the finals.

These experience are available now*. Just go to Bing to get your AFL experience started. We hope you enjoy the footy – and may the best team win!


-The Bing team

AFL predictions answers are only available in en-AU market.