Bing predicts the race that stops the nation

A race that has been capturing the hearts of Australians, the Melbourne Cup, which is why the race has been notoriously dubbed as the “race that stops the nation”. Bing Australia continues to celebrate the most anticipated racing event in Australian racing calendar with the launch of its Bing Predicts technology that searchers can have some “intelligent fun” with!

The team in Bing predicts have realized that web activity is less biased than polling and while human beings have been relying on intuitions, it does not necessarily lead to the best decision. Rather than completely putting aside human wisdom, we combine it with a statistical signals of the horses such as age, health and weight. We dig deep on historical statistics of the trainer’s past performance, jockey’s efficiency and more to see which factors contribute to strong teams (a team of trainer, jockey and of course, the horse!). Taking into account, the track conditions of the day, we match these data against the horse’s preferences.

Satisfied with our statistic model, we then add web activities and social updates to tweak the quality of our predictions by capturing real-time information such injuries, controversies and other changes.

Team up with Bing as we provide you with some important information on the upcoming Melbourne Cup race.

Search for Melbourne Cup and check out who Bing predicts will in Melbourne Cup 2015!


We have made every effort to build a high quality of prediction model by finding what information is most trustworthy but we also realized that decision-makers do not always make perfect decisions. In the end, prediction the future is like uncovering the mysteries of life and Bing is on the path of doing that.

As we constantly monitor changes leading to the big race, we encourage you to check back on our prediction on the day.

May your horse win!

Bing team


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