Bing ignites the summer of cricket!


Given the anticipation that surrounds this summer’s biennial Ashes series, we at Bing Australia thought we’d take the opportunity to launch a catalogue of new cricket-themed features that will you put you in more of a spin than Shane Warne’s immortalised ‘ball of the century’!

We’re sure you’ll be wanting to track the progress of the Australian team in their quest to reclaim the Ashes from the English, and with a simple Bing search for ‘cricket scores‘ you’ll find an up-to-the-minute breakdown of the test match’s progress.

You might be asking yourself why the screenshot above displays the score of Pakistan v South Africa. Well, it was taken before the Ashes series commenced, which also tells you that Bing covers cricket matches world-wide. Rest assured though, during the Ashes you’ll get the Australia v England scores.

If you’d like to know the schedule for the entire ‘Ashes series’ we’ve also got you covered. What about the other cricket matches being played around the world? A search for ‘cricket schedule‘ will meet all your needs.

Meanwhile, the warriors in white who will play in cricket’s most celebrated rivalry get their dues with individual player summaries featuring stats, links and a headshot. For example, a Bing search for Ricky Ponting, Brad Haddin or even rival captain Andrew Strauss (see, we’re not that bias!), will trigger this information which will appear right on the search page.

Before we call stumps, remember, if you need to check the weather throughout the Ashes series, use Bing’s impressive weather answer.

Enjoy today’s home page and the summer of cricket with Bing!



– Bing AU Product Team


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