Lights, camera, action!

Today we draw the curtains back on what is one of Bing Australia’s latest and greatest features. With our commitment to providing you what you want faster, allow us to announce the Bing Showtimes Answer. If you’ve ever wanted to know what’s currently screening at the movies, what time specific movies are on, what movies are about or what a movie’s star-rating is then Bing Australia now has you covered.

A search for The Ghost Writer, The Expendables or Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, for example, will provide a list of your nearest cinemas and the times the movie is being shown. How does Bing know where you are? Bing uses an advanced location detection to determine your whereabouts saving you from entering it.

You can also find movies on Bing by genre, rating and location. If it’s a particular type of movie you desire simply narrow your search down to genres, for example action movies, comedy movies or romance movies.  Have you ever wanted to take the kids to a suitable film but you had no idea what was showing? A search for ‘G movies’ will return a result with all the G-rated movies showing in cinemas near you. The thrill-seekers on the other hand, may want something MA-rated. Meanwhile, you can also search for movies in specific locations, for example Inception Perth.

The answers also feature movie overviews, reviews and maps information.

Now, don’t roll the credits just yet. Be sure to check Bing Australia on Saturday (August 21) for a special election-day homepage.

Showtime Answers

-Bing AU Product Team

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