Join the Bing APIs team at Microsoft Ignite 2018 in Orlando

The Bing APIs team will be at Microsoft Ignite 2018, in Orlando, Florida, September 24th through the 28th. If you are registered for the event, stop by the Cognitive Services - Bing Search APIs booth in the Data & AI area of the Expo, to learn more about the new features and enhancements we’ve made to our Bing Search APIs platform.

Additionally, check out the Bing APIs sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2018:

Theater session: THR2172
AI TechTalk: Power Your Apps with Microsoft’s Cutting-Edge Visual Search Capabilities
Today, Bing Visual Search enables users to identify visually similar images and ecommerce products from the web; recognize objects in various categories including landmarks, flowers, fashion, celebrities and more; read text from images; and identify web source of images. These capabilities are currently enabling businesses around the world to build compelling applications at web-scale. Learn more about how you can leverage these capabilities to build your tailored applications.

Theater session: THR2176
AI TechTalk: Leverage the power of AI to empower innovative scenarios
Use Visual Search and other Bing APIs to search for sources of information to empower innovative scenarios such as fraud detection, shopping comparisons, information discovery, reputation management, and more.

Theater session: THR2185
AI TechTalk: Easy Site Search Solutions with Bing Custom Search API
Your business needs to ensure that your customers can easily find the right product and services. In this session see how, in just minutes, you can create a commercial grade, ad-free, custom site search instance for your website that will improve how customers find content on your website. Learn how thousands of brand name businesses have benefited from great features like being able to customize their search rankings, block unwanted content and review statistics about your customers behavior.

Breakout session: BRK3309
AI for Business Optimization – Leveraging Custom Speech, Vision and Search to optimize business and IT processes
Learn how automating tasks that are manually intensive and prone to error, and finding paths to optimize business processes, can save time and money for the organization. Use cases include: continuous monitoring, detection or access control, and supply chain optimization. This session highlights the use of Cognitive Services such as Bing Custom Search, Computer Vision, Face, Custom Vision, LUIS, Text Analytics, Translator, Speech and Custom Speech, and Content Moderator. It also describes integration with Azure including Azure Storage, Microsoft Power BI, Azure Search, App Insights, App Service, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure ML Studio and Microsoft Edge.

If you are not able to attend Microsoft Ignite 2018, we will share news and updates on the blog after the conference, including the recordings of the Bing APIs sessions.

For more information about the Bing APIs Search platform, go to

- Bing APIs Team