Be Smooth: Optimize Bing Maps in Multipage Windows Store apps (JavaScript)

Bing Maps is the most widely used map control inside of Windows Store apps. Many simple apps consist of a single page user experience while many other consist of multiple pages. Many developers like to use Bing Maps throughout their application, but have found that this results in the map control constantly being loaded/disposed as the user navigates between pages. This doesn’t make for the best user experience, as there is a slight delay due to the loading of the map. One method to create a smoother user experience is to use a single instance of the map control throughout the app. This way only the data and view of the map needs to be loaded rather than the full map control. In this blog post we are going to see how a single instance of the Bing Maps control can be used throughout a multipage Windows Store app to create a smoother user experience...READ MORE