The Art of IntelliSense: Three ways to use IntelliSense with Bing Maps APIs

Do you find that you spend more time digging through documentation trying to figure out what properties do rather than spending time building great apps? IntelliSense can help.

A few weeks ago, someone asked me if there was any IntelliSense support for Bing Maps. I vaguely remembered there being an open source project that added IntelliSense for Bing Maps AJAX v6.3 in Visual Studio. With a quick search on Bing I found the project on CodePlex and the original blog post about it. I noticed that one of our Bing Maps MVPs, Nicolas Boonaert, had started to put together IntelliSense functionality for Bing Maps AJAX V7 a few years ago. Since then a lot of new features and functionalities have been added to V7, so I reached out to Nicolas, and in our spare time over the last couple of weeks we added IntelliSense for the rest of the API...READ MORE