How to optimize image content (From the Forums)

Today’s forum thread of note is a discussion around what can be done to optimize image content for SEO. Several members of the Bing Webmaster Center forum community have chimed in with helpful advice.

What do you do on your site to optimize images? What have you found to be most important when adding images to a website? Join in the conversation!

To see this forum conversation thread from the beginning, check out How do we optimize images? Is it necessary to optimize the images? in Webmaster Center’s General Questions & Feedback forum. As always, many thanks to everyone who contributed to this forum topic!

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– Rick DeJarnette, Bing Webmaster Center

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  1. propulsr

    Image optimisation is a specialised "branch" of SEO knowledge. The tips to remember are : page theme (make sure that your page is themed around the keywords you target), image file name (use keyword in it but don't overdo it), image alt attribute (same as filename although it can be longer than former), and I also believe that the image size (in px not bytes) also plays a role (the bigger the better.. to a certain point).

  2. zameenuday2008

    firstly write image name as a keywords

    and then use it in alt tag to insert this image

  3. bouka55

    Its good that you guys recognise the people who contribute to make the forum a helpful place for all!

  4. auto-moto

    Adding a caption below the image. You can describe what the picture is about and you can include some keywords too.

  5. givelord

    I wander if it is important to put keyword in the title of the image.

  6. novintabligh

    You can load your image from a static non-cookie domain.

  7. wildnettechnologies

    Image optimization is one of the best part of SEO, I read your article. Two things is most important part for SEO one of them is write the image name as keyword in jpg format as well as with alt tag.

  8. gopi krishan

    Use Keyword as image name to describe image.  

  9. hotels

    Use alt tag to optimise.

  10. Shooter

    When I place images on my site I make sure I use the "title" tags and "alt" tags. The alt tag has been very important for googles algorithm while title tags have been slightly insignificant. I hope Bing will start using the title tags for images as well as the alt tags. There are sites I own where I'd rather have an Image(for the title) instead of text so far it's usually at a risk considering anchor text is always preferred.


  11. ciastko

    thanks for share, good to know

  12. baanmaha

    Thanks you very good for advice

  13. mobiledealsstore

    The "Alt text" refers to the "alt" or "alternative" attribute used in the image tag, it's purpose is to provide some alternate text to describe the image in the event that a browser has image loading disabled, or the person viewing the web page is unable to see the image (poor eyesight, assistive technology, color blindness, etc.). There are many text readers for those in need of assistive technology to surf the web. It is important to use these alternative text attributes for accessibility.

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