New tools for webmasters in the Bing Toolbox

Today we’re really excited to announce the arrival of the Bing Toolbox, a new portal for all you Bing webmasters, publishers, developers, and advertisers out there. The Toolbox is an organized set of tools for the entire Bing community, plus links to our Webmaster and Developer community blogs and forums.

The Toolbox provides everything you need to work with Bing in one place—as well as the site you’ll want to regularly visit for announcements of cool new features the moment they’re ready.

This is a first effort and we’ll be building out the site with new content and updated tools as they become available. Please use the forums to give us feedback. Thanks!

— Rick DeJarnette, Bing Webmaster Center

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  1. Anonymous

    Do I need to register somewhere to become one of bing webmasters?

  2. jackin

    If am not wrong bing tool box contains four sub section – add a site, submit your site, get an Appid, get a powertoys? Looking good!

  3. Quality Directory

    It's nice Microsoft has organized the Bing Toolbox in a single portal for webmasters, publishers, developers and advertisers.

  4. Anonymous

    it's great , one tool includes all for a developer. I will try it now !!!!

  5. luke.sarker

    I knew to use Add a site and Submit your sitemap tools, I'll try Get an AppID and Go to PowerToys  Options.

  6. nexcheck

    Thanks for the toolbox link…You guys are doing a lot of good things simultaneously..I wish bing best luck!

  7. Anonymous

    Thanks for the Great useful webmasters toolbox link.

  8. bang_ir_1

    thank…i'll try your toolbox

  9. Anonymous


    I need small information about to improve webpage rank in bing search engine .Now in 3rd page , please help me to improve that ..


  10. Anonymous

    Thanx for info and also for Bing toolbox..

    We SEO's really need it for good grasp on Bing Search engine..

  11. willox

    Nice tool ! :o)

    Thks for this

    Greetings from Africa

  12. ccssmikael

    it is excellent. i hope our school will deploy this in our website after some consultations.

  13. Anonymous

    Do you have a tracker tool?

  14. Anonymous


    I want to know about Rank criteria of Bing…

    Is it same as that of Google?

    Your suggestions are welcome…

    Thanks and Regards…

    Mark Gats

  15. Blackery

    The Toonbox is very nice. I will use and see

  16. Anonymous

    i hope our school will deploy this in our website after some consultations

  17. Anonymous

    Its nice to see Microsoft is working hard on Bing. Toolbar is great. Nice work.

  18. get backlinks

    thank…i'll try your toolbox

  19. Anonymous

    I am not finding where to verify and generate meta tgas for doing so.

  20. Blackpool UK

    this will surley help us use bing tools better

  21. sania

    It is a great post I was looking for like this tool but could not found anywhere thanks for it and hope to see some cool tools in the future…

  22. Rustyrooter

    Where is the Custom Search tool, Where? I wanna know. How can I find it?

  23. shoesgucci

    what is the tool?

    how can i see it?

  24. Anonymous

    it is excellent, the tools will help webmasters index their pages more efficiently.

  25. Anonymous

    Thanks Bing!

    We look forward to reviewing these new tools.  We're all wondering how they are going to compare to G's Webmaster Tools?

    <a href="…/">Internet Marketing Boise</a>

  26. Anonymous

    Good job.. thanks :)

  27. Anonymous

    i wish bing goes  to top levels i get lots of traffic from it and i want to have great webmaster tools as google does from bing  to thanks Very Much

  28. aelusiveone

    I would like to suggest that you add a place here that you can host your own blog, kinda like a blogger type of thing

  29. cyber__fr

    Nice look, only some month to are best tools ?

  30. Anonymous

    Excellent !!!

    Greetings from Spain.

  31. Anonymous

    Great tool, thanks for sharing.. more tools and resources at: |

  32. hotels

    great useful advice also is there a tracker tool for this?

  33. Anonymous

    Do I need to register somewhere to become one of bing webmasters?

  34. miles2go

    Toolbox contain the basic features needed for webmaster. But hope bing will also add tool like google analytics.

  35. bryanwilliamchristopher

    I am not sure how often my site is crawled, but with Bing, it seems to be several days after an addition to my blog. I wonder if there is anyone who can advise?

  36. Anonymous


  37. cullenglen3

    is it free

  38. Dave Naylor

    what data will it track

  39. skypeisrael

    bing webmaster Toolbox

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