Exploring Your Friends’ Photos Just Got Easier

At Bing, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the search experience based on how you are using the product. Last year we introduced Friends’ Photos, letting you quickly find that special photo (out of your friends’ thousands) on Facebook. Today we are rolling out a new experience to the Friends’ Photos* experience which makes it easier to scan, discover and explore your friends’ photos.


  • Fresh Look & New Interface: You may be familiar with the modern user interface design principles that serve as the foundation for Windows 8, Windows Phone and Xbox Live. We’re introducing a new tile layout that marries design and performance, making it faster and more seamless to browse your friends’ photos. 

  • Slideshow Mode: Now simply by clicking on a photo, you will enter slide show mode where you can see more photos from your Facebook friends that match your search. From there, you can also search for additional photos, or simply browse.

As always, Bing respects your Facebook privacy settings. Your Facebook friends will only be able to see the photos you have made viewable and your photos will never be shared with the public.

With more than 300 million photos uploaded to Facebook per day, Friends’ Photos helps you get the most of what your friends have shared.

– MK Li, Program Manager, Bing Social

*Friends Photos is currently only available in the US.

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  1. noctorne

    Looks really nice, I like it!

  2. Aannemersbedrijf amsterdam

    usefull information!

  3. hd_wicks

    As much as I like what the bing team is doing. Bing is moving far too slowly for me. There isn't a really compelling reason to switch. Google rolls out features worldwide instantly. ,We don't even get search suggestions here on bing.,why is that?

  4. Roel Janssens

    Nice! And for once it's not US only ..

  5. johncdoherty

    Does this utilize the geo tag in the pictures or just the title in the post? For example, can I search for pictures in Seattle and retrieve them, even though my friend never added "Seattle" to the post. If so, is there a distance buffer to retrieve surrounding area pictures?

  6. modos

    Looking good here

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